Programming and Curatorial Projects

Skill, care, and a sense of humor

  • Type Project Management, Research, Roadmapping, Design, Fabrication, Art Handling

Making interesting projects come to life is what I love doing. I’m not picky about my methods as long as a project is organized, tightly coordinated, and well-communicated. Event and curatorial work lets me stretch my creative wings so I’ve been fortunate so far to manage programs of my own devising as well as consulting with organizations on new programming for their audiences. Here are a few examples of what I can do.

A 1928 serialized story from Munsey Magazine. Part of “Topsy Turvy: Artists and the Amusement Utopia” at 60 Wall St. Gallery

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Research and Planning

A jute mill in West Bengal. Research during the planning of Raintree Films' “Past, Continuous”

My biggest passion is connecting people so they can tell each other stories, whether its engineers and content teams or curators and audiences. For many years I ran a small museum, which let me work with amazing artists and audiences. Good architecture and storytelling should be a positive force in the world, and the Coney Island Museum was a great venue for stories.
In 2016, I traveled to Kolkata on a Travel and Study grant from the Jerome Foundation to explore the relationship between the 19th century roots of the textile industry in West Bengal and the related industrial arts museums that were founded concurrently. Both are in crisis today, and both are attempting to reimagine themselves. There’s a good story there too.

Bureaucracy in the archive. Research for an exhibit about the language of museum fundraising.

Research during the planning of Raintree Films' “Past, Continuous”

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Selected Curatorial Work

For scholars and curators, there are a million ways to bring visitors into those stories. I prefer lighthearted and earnest curiosity, but everyone has their own approach.

“The Great Coney Island Spectacularium” (curated with Joanna Ebenstein)

The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytical Society and Its Circle, 1926-1972 (Zoe Beloff. Photo by Costa Mantis)

Didactic from “Postcards from Paradise” (co-curated with Martha Wilson). Wilson performed a PSA on literacy dressed as Barbara Bush for the exhibit.

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Fabrication and 3D Modeling

New technologies have let artists and small businesses create things that used to be the purview of large-scale fab shops. I still work with those shops when necessary, but for prototyping and modeling new tools have changed everything.

Material Handling Robot, Bond

Laser-cut wood frame

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New Programming

I’ve created lecture series, design charrettes, tours, fundraisers, and exhibits. The project that is probably closest to my heart is the Congress for Curious People. I try to bring the best people on board for any project and I'm often introducing my clients to talented partners who stay with them for a long time.

The Waterboard Thrill Ride (Steve Powers). A summer-long tenant of the Coney Island Art|Business Incubator

The world’s smallest brewery. The first tenant of the Coney Island Art|Business Incubator

Part of a proposal for a program of site-specific artwork produced for the Brooklyn Historical Society

A guided tour of libertine Barcelona during the 2014 Congress for Curious People

Johnny Clockwork at the Congress for Curious People (Photo by Laure Leber)

Coney Island USA’s Congress of Curious Peoples